Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Deadman's Cove on Storm Alert

Chesil Beach has been on storm alert.  The siren for evacuating the area went off on January 7th and The Cove House Inn had to clear out all the customers and go upstairs.  Jackie was on national TV the next day, reporting on the adventure.
In the event, nothing much happened.  The sea almost topped the beach, threw a few stones over but then retreated.  The cove itself was cleared of all its pebbles that night and we had a sandy beach, much lower than usual, but the stones were all back in place the next day.  The flood defences all did their job.
The most unusual sights have been the things that have been swept into the sea and shown up at Chesil Cove.  Its other name is Deadman's Cove for obvious reasons - but there weren't any men in the detritus this storm.  We saw a dead dolphin and a cow and some people said there had been a drowned bull but we didn't see it.